Bruce Rankin, a 24 year-old motorcyclist, was operating his motorcycle on Camden Avenue. Pursuant to witness statements, he was driving his vehicle in a prudent manner and was obeying all of the traffic laws, when he was confronted with an unexpected peril. A flight attendant who was going to work became confused at a five-way intersection. While attempting to follow the misleading signing and striping, she drove into the path of Bruce Rankin. This litigation occurred 15 years ago and to the present day Bruce Rankin remains in a coma. Mr. Collins was able to establish that the public property was in a dangerous condition. As a consequence of the multi-million dollar settlement, the Rankin family has been able to provide the necessary medical and attendant care, so that Bruce can live with his mother in her Sacramento home. The lawyer who defended the litigation for the public entity is Ron Whyte, who later became appointed to the Federal District Court. He enjoys a reputation as one of the finest Judges in the country.