Richard and Carol Gilbert are Jehovah's Witnesses. A tenant of their religious belief is that blood is sacred and for that reason Witnesses do not allow blood transfusions. Through the use of Cell Savers and other medical devices, many operations can be performed without the necessity of exposing one's self to the risks involved in a transfusion. In this case, the Gilberts' youngest son, at approximately age 8, was diagnosed with Cancer. Various employees at Kaiser held personal beliefs contrary to those maintained by Jehovah's Witnesses. The parents asked the Kaiser physicians if there were any other treatment options, other than those which involved the giving of transfusions. The physicians falsely claimed that there were no other medical choices. Thereafter, Kaiser misrepresented the facts to the Court, when the medical provider sought a Court Order for a transfusion. Their misrepresentations came to light when one heroic young physician stepped forward with the information concerning other treatment options. She testified that the Declaration submitted by Kaiser was replete with perjured testimony. This nationally-followed case concluded favorably for the Gilberts and for our society at large. The Gilbert boy's Cancer was cured, using the alternative treatment. As a consequence of the Gilbert litigation, the Kaiser system changed its procedures and new standards have been implemented for the treatment of Jehovah's Witnesses. Richard and Carol Gilbert received financial compensation for the lies that had been spread by the Kaiser staff and for the damage to their reputation as loving parents.