Mr. Furtado was horribly burned and disfigured while donating his effort at a construction project for his church. Before seeking legal counsel, Mr. Furtado's family dealt directly with the insurance company and settled his claim. It was explained to them that there was only a $500,000 insurance policy available and that Mr. Furtado's claim had a value less than the insurance policy, as a result of his comparative negligence in causing the burns. Based on those representations, the Furtados settled without the advice from a trial attorney. Approximately seven years later, Anthony Furtado met Mark Collins. Discovery commenced against the insurance carriers for their misrepresentation and bad-faith conduct. During discovery, the defendant's insurance companies acknowledged that "mistakes had been made." One such mistake was the Claim Representative's "forgetting" that there was an umbrella policy, above the first layer of insurance. Mr. Collins was able to establish that the carrier knew about the existence of the excess policies of insurance. Through the efforts of Collins & Schlothauer, Mr. Furtado received a multimillion dollar settlement(the amount of the settlement is protected from disclosure by a confidentiality agreement). The settlement assures payment to the burn victim throughout his lifetime.