Mr. Collins obtained a $30.5 million verdict against PG&E in June 1997 for a brain-damaged child and his mother. Cyndi Behr worked in a medical office while pregnant with Cole. During the 1st trimester of her pregnancy, PG&E was notified on multiple occasions by the staff of the medical office, concerning noxious odors and resultant headaches and nausea by the office employees. Ultimately, PG&E found the cause to be a faulty rooftop heating unit that was emitting carbon monoxide, however, PG&E failed to either correct the problem or inform the medical staff that they had been repetitively exposed to carbon monoxide. As a result of the consequence of exposure to carbon monoxide during her 1st trimester, Cyndi gave birth to a child with permanent brain damage. Later, when the defect in the heating system was discovered, PG&E destroyed relevant service records. Mr. Collins was able to expose PG&E's conduct and prove that the carbon monoxide exposure was the cause of the child's development disabilities.

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