The Law Firm of Collins & Schlothauer, with offices in San Jose and Los Angeles, specializes in personal injury, wrongful death and fraud cases. We are recognized as one of the Top 10 premier tort liability firms in Northern California.

Our team of lawyers, paralegals and staff have assisted our clients in a wide spectrum of cases, including suits against domestic and foreign corporations, medical malpractice actions, elder abuse complaints, and unfair insurance company practices. We have a track record of verdicts against City and State agencies. We have been successful in our product liability litigation involving a number of product manufacturers, for the hidden defects that caused significant injury and death.

The firm was started by Mark Collins. After graduation from Hastings Law School and having worked a stint in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, Mark Collins moved to Los Angeles. There he worked for a large insurance defense litigation firm. Working for the railroads, insurance companies and large corporations provided him with an inside view of the adversary.

There is a significant social responsibility associated with the practice of law. Mr. Collins has made the commitment that his firm will represent only righteous cases on behalf of victims involved in a tragedy; whether that be a consumer, a physician, a police officer or a business.

In 1998, when the O.J.Simpson civil verdict was rendered, Mark Collins was the subject of an article in The Daily Journal about the Top 10 lawyers in the State of California. The article featured his $30.5 million verdict against PG&E for its fraudulent conduct against the Behr family.

We invite you to contact us. You will then understand why other preeminent attorneys refer cases to Mark Collins. The reason was expressed by nationally-famous trial lawyer, James F. Boccardo, who stated just prior to his retirement that,

"... Mark Collins is the best trial lawyer in the area. He is very, very good and has a lot of charisma".

We invite you to meet Mr. Collins and his staff.